Afya Pass


1. As an event organizer, how do I sign up for AfyaPass for my next live event?

If you would like to roll out Afyapass for a safe live event, please do the following:
- email with your Event Name, brief description and dates and expected attendance
- The price for Afyapass service is based on number of projected attendees:

- After payment and set up your event for Afyapass.
- All the above steps can be completed within one day
- You will be provided instructions to send to your event guests and they are good to register. We will verify each attendees health records and issue a certificate on their mobile web app if good
- On event day, ask guests to display the Afya-green circle on their mobile when they arrive.

2. What documents do I need at hand in order to register for AfyaPass?

AfyaPass works in all countries, which means that requirements for identity validation and records may differ. Based on your country of residency, AfyaPass may ask for pictures of Government photo IDs that establish identity (eg US drivers license) as well as a vaccination or test result provided by your doctor’s office. You should keep information about the doctors’ office ready, e.g. their address, contact phone numbers etc which you are encouraged to provide in the Additional Information box. The more comprehensive and accurate information you provide, the more likely is a fast approval from the verification team. Please know that AfyaPass team takes its verification responsibilities seriously, so a mobile passport will not be issued they they are satisfied that the user has definitely been vaccinated against COVID-19. In case you provide wrong data, your registration will not be approved.

To summarize, you need the following documents (in jpg/png/gif/pdf format):

First you have to take a selfie image showing your face clearly. You can do so with your mobile and submit the picture.
Second you need to have the physical Government Issued ID card//document ready, either in a picture format on your phone’s photo gallery or you can take a picture of it using your camera,
Third, you have to upload an image of the medical report for vaccination or covid test. This can be in picture format or you can choose a pdf.

3. I entered my phone number and country for registration in the mobile app but did not receive the One Time Password (OTP)? What should I do?

First you should check the phone number you provided and the country code you selected. You can use the Back arrow to return to the phone entry screen, and correct the value if needed.

If the number is right and you still did not receive the OTP, that probably means that your country blocks certain international SMS traffic. You don’t need to keep trying. There are a few countries that have this restriction. The good news is that we can overcome this issue. The way to get around the problem is by emailing our support service (contact at afyapass dot com) with your Full Name, Country Code and Phone Number. Our verification team will determine through an offline process that your phone number is accurate and let you proceed with the registration application.

4. What happens after I submit my documents in AfyaPass?

Your Afyapass home page color status should change to yellow and the Validity Date and Vaccine should change to Unknown. You will also get a notification in your app with details of the transaction.

At this point, Afyapass has received your registration. A verification officer will review your submission and decide if the proof of vaccination is good. If so, the officer will issue a certificate and validity period of your vaccination. The color of the status will be green and the name of the vaccine (or COVID test) taken and the Valid Till date will show upon on the home page. You will receive a second notification that your registration has been approved. You can now show your Afyapass status page to anyone to prove you are vaccinated or have a negative COVID test. There is also a QR code provided which when tapped will expand and can be scanned by a Afya compatible scanner to independently validate the same home page.

However if for some reason, the verification officer sees a discrepancy or gap in the documentation provided, your registration will be rejected. You will be asked to provide additional information or re-submit the application. Additional time-sensitive information may be sent to vial email, so you should definitely check your email and ensure that is whitelisted in your mail account so messages don’t go to junk folder. Please keep in mind that given that Verification service is free to Afyapass non-commercial users, we have a huge backlog of applicants. Our average turnaround time for new registrations is 4 business days, though it may be quicker for most situations.

5. I have a business - how can I use AfyaPass for my employees or customers?

AfyaPass has specific features to ensure you can customize the product just for your organization so that it is accessible by your employees. Through this process, you can also manage and review the vaccination information of all your employees through a dashboard. This is covered under our AfyaPass Pro offering. Please email us at or complete the contact form on our site for more information.

Similarly if you would like to validate customers such as in a retail, travel, event, building or place of worship for example, you can use the AfyaPass Plus program to validate the vaccination status of an individual in real time through a QR scan. Please contact us for how you can participate in this process.

How to get started!

Afyapass mobile immunization passport will be available for download starting mid March, 2021. To learn more of how Afyapass can help your organization, please contact us through our web site or write to​ us at