Afya Pass


For population vaccination coverage reports, governments need large and complex applications such as an Immunization Information System (IIS). However, many nations have not built out an IIS yet and even for those that have, the integrations with EMRs and doctor systems may be non existent, especially in rural communities. Afyapass can serve as the country’s standard application for direct reporting of immunizations by the citizens, providing up to date statistics of where immunization efforts are being successful versus regions where more resource mobilization may be needed. Afyapass can also be employed effectively by governments to send appropriate reminders to all users about re-vaccination, not just for COVID but also any future immunization needs, such as for flu or norovirus, or for locations where vaccinations are currently available. Finally, given the convenience of the digital Afyapass health passport, the government can mandate Afyapass status verification for many national locations and buildings, so that those facilities can be safely open to the public during the pandemic. Afyapass can be easily customized to the branding and specific needs of the nation .

How to get started!

Afyapass mobile immunization passport will be available for download starting mid March, 2021. To learn more of how Afyapass can help your organization, please contact us through our web site or write to​ us at