Afya Pass

Afya Plus

Afyapass Plus is geared towards serving customers, just as Afyapass Pro is meant for employees. A typical use case is customer policies for a restaurant or concert where it's important to quickly validate the health status of a number of individuals. With Afyapass Plus, the usher can quickly scan the QR code and obtain a real time confirm that the user's vaccination record is up to date and still safe. No temperature checks or other screening questions are generally needed.

Afyapass Plus is a paid subscription based product.

How it fits your need

Rapid scanning or visual color check of attendees

Allowing only vaccinated customers inside can draw more customers and keep people safe

Enables Safe reopening of many businesses

Low cost and minimum learning curve

Afya Products

Features Afya Pass Afya Plus Afya Pro
Free Covid 19 Digital Health Passport mobile app tick tick tick
Available for all countries tick tick tick
Family/Dependents Inclusion (country specific) tick tick tick
Tamper proof, visually visible vaccination status tick tick tick
Automated Validity Period Check tick tick tick
Secure data privacy and encryption tick tick tick
Supports all major phones tick tick tick
Instant Verification of Status at POS tick tick tick
Enhanced Identity Verification capabilities for Organizations tick tick tick
Ability to administer users validation status tick tick tick
Coverage reporting within organization tick tick tick
Pricing FREE Subscription Required Subscription Required
Ideal for
  • Individuals
  • Non Profits
  • Shops
  • High Volume Public Areas
  • Parties/Family Gatherings
  • Air/Cruise/Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Theaters
  • Concerts
  • Hotels
  • Colleges/Schools
  • Employees
  • Secure Facilities
  • Governments
Support for additional vaccines (beyond COVID-19) tick tick
Reminders for revaccination or new vaccinations tick
Third Party Imtegrations tick tick

How to get started!

Afyapass mobile immunization passport will be available for download starting mid March, 2021. To learn more of how Afyapass can help your organization, please contact us through our web site or write to‚Äč us at