Afya Pass


The best restaurants and bars were not created for take out service only. Unfortunately, many such luxury culinary destinations have suffered much during the pandemic, especially as winter has closed down the outdoor seating capabilities, many customers are unwilling to venture insideand several stringent social distancing guidelines have reduced overall capacity. With Afyapass, restaurants can implement specific policies, such as admitting only vaccinated or COVID negative individuals or separate seating areas for non vaccinated people. As state regulations relax, having Afyapass on you can enable a restaurant to seat you faster, in a better location and potentially with lesser restrictions. Afyspass’s family health passport capabilities can ensure you can swiftly prove evidence of vaccine coverage for your entire family and be able to enter many establishments with the assurance of a safe environment. Restaurants can choose between a free and a paid model for Afyapass, depending on the level of verification and reporting required.

How to get started!

Afyapass mobile immunization passport will be available for download starting mid March, 2021. To learn more of how Afyapass can help your organization, please contact us through our web site or write to​ us at