Afya Pass

What is Afya Pass

Afyapass is a secure mobile web product for event managers and organizations to validate COVID safety protocols in live events or workplaces.

Afyapass combines an easy to use consumer facing application with a managed verification service by HIPAA trained personnel to ensure thorough health document and identity validation of event attendees before they arrive on premises. It is not dependent on integration with local immunization systems or government databases and can be used globally for enabling rapid access to guests in all events by displaying the Afya-green circle on their mobile.

Interested businesses should contact us at 617-340-9390 or by writing to To access Afyapass please visit

Want to onboard your event to Afyapass? Please see this Quick Video Demo and check the FAQ for details.


Who should use ?

Individual Users
Afyapass is a safe and convenient mobile technology for you to regain personal freedom lost to the world since the onset of Covid-19...
In a few months, as the vaccination footprint increases across the population, businesses will want to have employees coming back to the office and restart the economy...
The best restaurants and bars were not created for take out service only. Unfortunately, many such luxury culinary destinations have suffered much during the pandemic...
Theaters, Concerts and Sporting Venues
The key in admitting large groups in entertainment and sporting arenas is speed and accuracy...
Churches and Temples
Places of worship are suffering from the absence of devotees, which affects both donations as well as size of congregations and mass rituals...
Airlines, Cruise and Tourism
Perhaps no other industry has been hit as hard by the pandemic than the travel industry. For valid reasons, people are worried about...
For population vaccination coverage reports, governments need large and complex applications such as an Immunization Information System (IIS)...
Schools and Colleges
Asymptomatic carriers pose some of the highest risks of coronavirus spreader events, and it’s generally believed that younger people...

How to get started!

Afyapass mobile immunization passport is now available on web, Android and iOS. It is customizable and can be integrated with your customer onboarding process. To learn more of how Afyapass can help your organization, please contact us through our web site or write to​ us at


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Our Privacy & Security System

HIPAA transaction security compliant with end to end SSL encryption during transmission and SHA256 encryption for PHI/PII data at rest

Private data minimization - only collect what’s needed. Identity documents deleted after verification

AI-enhanced, Industry standard KYC procedures for identifying user

Reliable cloud Infrastructure supporting all healthcare data transmission standards.

Consent-based, Real Time Health status provided to organizations only at POS, with the user physically present.

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Contact us now to learn more about how AfyaPass can help your business return to normalcy rapidly.